how is playing a gig in paris …

… cool!
thanks again to the visionsonic crew and especially to yro for making it happen.
for everybody who did not make it to paris/ créteil, here is a little summary.
i was picked up at the airport (that’s right, like in the movies) and brought to csc reberioux where the visionsonic festival took place (28-31.10.)
the venue had several rooms for exhibitions and installations and one cinema which was ideal for a udosson://mredit-performance (yay). big screen, great soundsystem and truely comfortable seats for the audience to lean back and enjoy the show. and so they did … a least that’s the impression we had after the gig.
so all in all, great time, great experience and great people!
i hope to recieve some more photos soon. until then you can have a look at some of my pics here.

next up will be intersoup in berlin before i’ll head off to portugal for a little travelling and playing at lofté in porto (17.12.). btw, do you have any recommendations for clubs in portugal? i’d like to play some more shows over there …


Posted: November 6th, 2010
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