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hey guys,

the last weeks have been great.
i played at *frequenzcamping (leipzig), räubertage (dresden), atomino (crimmitschau) and fokus festival (görlitz). good times!
it’s really encouraging and inspiring to see people working hard and passionate to realize their ideas and to make things happen. you guys are great!
another great thing is to meet complete strangers telling you they love your music ;) so, thanks to you as well and in particular.
here are some photos from fokus festival 2010 which took place just last weekend.

my plan for the next weeks is, first of all, getting rid of the cold i caught, which is the first sign of the upcoming winter i’m afraid. however, it gave me time to update all the software and to write this post.
secondly, i will prepare the gig in paris at visonsonic2010 with mredit. last year the guys from visionsonic streamed some of the performances over their website. if they do so this year, you might have a chance to watch us without even leaving your living room. i’ll let you know, if they do. also, i’ll keep you posted on where and when the gig takes place in paris … in case you want to come over and have a chat before or after the show and without stream failure and bandwidth problems.

Posted: September 13th, 2010
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