summer math

hey there,

summer is almost over and it’s time to take a look back …. (already).
first of all i’m back to use english for my blog because i realized, there’ve been quite a few visitors from outside germany. thanks everyone!

it seems long ago but my album ‘kurz unter land’ actually came out only 10 weeks ago. that sounds like yesterday, right? thanks to everybody who listened to it or left a comment on soundcloud. special thanks to those who bought a copy! you are great!

there’ll be a few shows around germany (see the calendar for more info) this august before i’ll combine forces again with my buddy mredit to play the visionsonic2010 in paris. i’m totally excited!!!

as for what i did with the past ten weeks, i used the time to get more into sound design. i just uploaded a first soundreel to vimeo. i hope you enjoy it:

i’ll try to update this blog more regularly through fall and winter to give you something to read while listening to ‘kurz unter land’ ;)

i’m looking forward to seeing you guys around. just drop by the gigs and/or get in touch.

Posted: August 12th, 2010
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