getting things done and wrapped up

it has been less than two weeks since the last post, yet i already have some news to share again.
as mentioned in the last post, i’m done with mixing and mastering. in fact, the cd is beeing pressed as we speak. so in a few days i’ll have the first professionaly manufactured udosson-album in my hands. totally cool and exciting!
for the last one and a half weeks i was busy doing the artwork and refining the packaging-ideas for the album. as my label Petite:Unique Records is a fan of unique solutions when it comes to merchandise and packaging, we will do 2 different packagings for the album, one handmade super-limited box and one minimalist version. so, there is twice as much to think about. the artwork phase has reached the final stage now, tho, and most of it is ready to be printed.
as a few of you might like pictures here is a sneak peak at the cover:

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so that’s that for now. i’ll certainly drop a line or two in here again once the records arrive. stay tuned and see you …
by the way, i’m looking for gigs. so if you have any suggestions leave a comment.

p.s.: you might have realised the change of terms used in this post. the bespoke “ep” has been growing and growing to a length of almost 60 minutes during the process. therefore, the “ep” is henceforth known as the “album” around here.

Posted: March 6th, 2010
Categories: 2010-ep, album
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Comment from Petite:Unique Records - March 13, 2010 at 11:05 am

the album formerly know as EP, formerly known as .. PRINCE ;)