mixed …

i guess, today was actually the last of a series of long days of finalising the mixes of my new tracks. and you are right in guessing that i spent the whole day in my room (that’s what i like to call my cosy studio). although i really like working in my studio, sometimes there are clearly some things that can be slightly annoying. for example, the room tends to cool down rather quickly. nice in summer – not so nice in winter. and the result of this is:


in general, tho, i really like winter. it’s totally inspiring … cold, silent and dim outside, warm and comfortable inside. very nice. however, when your room is poorly isolated and you have to wait for the heating to kick in you end up sitting at your desk with your gloves on.

still, the good news is that after editing automations, cleaning up frequency bands and doing all the other stuff, i’m pretty confident that the mixing is done. that doesn’t mean it’s all over tho … mastering is the name of the game. a lot has been written about mastering and there are as many opinions about whether you can do that yourself or not as there are audio-production-related blogs out there. well, it seems that i’m one of those who believe you can. just as that politician once said: yes, we can!

Posted: February 6th, 2010
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