News for December 2011

new things happen all the time

hey folks,

it has been an awful long time since the last post on this site. i’m really sorry about that.
so, thanks so much for bearing with me and still listening to my music.

i just wanted to tell you why it was so quiet around here.
during the last few months i got more and more involved with my other big big field of interest, which is motion graphic design. moreover, i am very lucky to have started working with the animation collective motionfruit. they have really great stuff on their site and you should definitely check it out. it’s also the home of mredit of udosson://mredit.
so, exciting times and work has kept me busy day and night. i’ll just put my reel right underneath the text so you get an idea of what i’ve been doing over the last few months.

unfortunately thou, there was hardly any time for making music.
but there will be new stuff, promised. actually, i played a brand new track at the last udosson://mredit-gig in berlin. and it will be out at some point.

for the time being, thanks again for sticking around and listening. it’s really appreciated.

cheers for now and have a great christmas.

Posted: December 6th, 2011
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