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kurznachricht – short note

heute eine kurze mitteilung an alle, die noch nach weihnachtsgeschenken suchen. da es noch november ist, nehme ich einfach mal an, dass noch einige von euch auf der suche sind …
bis ende des jahres verlangt petite:unique keine versandkosten für lieferungen innerhalb deutschlands.
klingt sehr nach einem vorzeitigen weihnachtsgeschenk und einer vorweihnachtszeit frei von einkaufsstress!

just a quick heads up for everybody still looking for christmas presents. as it is only november i guess everbody still is …
until the end of the year petite:unique offers free shipping within germany for every purchase in their webstore.
sounds like an early christmas present for you!

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going ashore in australia

last week i received some great photos that i want to share with you.
last summer we sent a copy of ‘kurz unter land’ off to australia. right to the opposite side of the planet.
obviously the parcel finally reached its destination.

(click here to see more pics)

thanks again, guys! have a great spring.

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how is playing a gig in paris …

… cool!
thanks again to the visionsonic crew and especially to yro for making it happen.
for everybody who did not make it to paris/ créteil, here is a little summary.
i was picked up at the airport (that’s right, like in the movies) and brought to csc reberioux where the visionsonic festival took place (28-31.10.)
the venue had several rooms for exhibitions and installations and one cinema which was ideal for a udosson://mredit-performance (yay). big screen, great soundsystem and truely comfortable seats for the audience to lean back and enjoy the show. and so they did … a least that’s the impression we had after the gig.
so all in all, great time, great experience and great people!
i hope to recieve some more photos soon. until then you can have a look at some of my pics here.

next up will be intersoup in berlin before i’ll head off to portugal for a little travelling and playing at lofté in porto (17.12.). btw, do you have any recommendations for clubs in portugal? i’d like to play some more shows over there …


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back from paris

so, i’m back from paris and from the international premiere of udosson://mredits ‘nachtstück’.
thanks again to the guys from visionsonic for inviting us! we will pick and post some photos in the next days. so stay tuned!

and although the paris gig is over, you can still download the fabulous wallpaper by mredit.

wallpaper – 1920×1080p


iphone3G & 3GS

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