News for October 2010

udosson://mredit wallpapers

today i’ll head of to paris for the visionsonic 2010 where i’ll be performing with mredit tomorrow. yay!
to celebrate that, mredit has done some extra special wallpapers for you to choose, download, and decorate your desktop or your ios-device. great stuff.

have fun and stay tuned for more news.

wallpaper – 1920×1080p


iphone3G & 3GS

Posted: October 28th, 2010
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paris on headphones

there is a new review on ‘kurz unter land’ at die kopfhörer (german for ‘headphones’) which is nice because headphones are a good way to listen to the album as well. thanks!
if you want to read more, you’ll find links to all the reviews here.

the performance in paris is only a few days away now and visionsonic is streaming the performances from 7:30pm until midnight. yay!
so you should mark friday on your calendar even if you won’t be able to make it to paris. if you’ll be there i’m looking forward to meeting you.
so long, so good.

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paris, paris …

actually i should write this blog in french because all the news are related to france in some way. unfortunately, tho, my knowledge of the language is far from thorough. so i’ll stick to english, sorry …
3 weeks to go until udosson://mredit will be performing in paris @ visionsonic 2010!!! we’re so looking forward to this … the first show of udosson://mredit outside germany! yeah!
if you want to be part of this truely historical moment, you’ll need to head over to centre madeleine rebérioux, créteil, paris. the guys from visionsonic were so great as to put together a google map with all the relevant info …

Afficher FESTIVAL VISIONSONIC 2010 sur une carte plus grande

the second france related news is the upcoming airplay of ‘bräsig’ at ‘abstrait radio‘. it’s a radioshow hosted by ‘monsieur chillout’ himself raphael marionneau on n-joy radio. the show will be aired live sunday at 11:00pm. if you live outside the broadcasting area of n-joy like i do, you can find a link to the live-stream here.
merci beaucoup raphael!!

so, that’s it for now. back to making some music.
see you guys around.

Posted: October 9th, 2010
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