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kurznachricht – short note

heute eine kurze mitteilung an alle, die noch nach weihnachtsgeschenken suchen. da es noch november ist, nehme ich einfach mal an, dass noch einige von euch auf der suche sind …
bis ende des jahres verlangt petite:unique keine versandkosten für lieferungen innerhalb deutschlands.
klingt sehr nach einem vorzeitigen weihnachtsgeschenk und einer vorweihnachtszeit frei von einkaufsstress!

just a quick heads up for everybody still looking for christmas presents. as it is only november i guess everbody still is …
until the end of the year petite:unique offers free shipping within germany for every purchase in their webstore.
sounds like an early christmas present for you!

Posted: November 23rd, 2010
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going ashore in australia

last week i received some great photos that i want to share with you.
last summer we sent a copy of ‘kurz unter land’ off to australia. right to the opposite side of the planet.
obviously the parcel finally reached its destination.

(click here to see more pics)

thanks again, guys! have a great spring.

Posted: November 15th, 2010
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paris, paris …

actually i should write this blog in french because all the news are related to france in some way. unfortunately, tho, my knowledge of the language is far from thorough. so i’ll stick to english, sorry …
3 weeks to go until udosson://mredit will be performing in paris @ visionsonic 2010!!! we’re so looking forward to this … the first show of udosson://mredit outside germany! yeah!
if you want to be part of this truely historical moment, you’ll need to head over to centre madeleine rebérioux, créteil, paris. the guys from visionsonic were so great as to put together a google map with all the relevant info …

Afficher FESTIVAL VISIONSONIC 2010 sur une carte plus grande

the second france related news is the upcoming airplay of ‘bräsig’ at ‘abstrait radio‘. it’s a radioshow hosted by ‘monsieur chillout’ himself raphael marionneau on n-joy radio. the show will be aired live sunday at 11:00pm. if you live outside the broadcasting area of n-joy like i do, you can find a link to the live-stream here.
merci beaucoup raphael!!

so, that’s it for now. back to making some music.
see you guys around.

Posted: October 9th, 2010
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the pioneer is gone and left a new website-design …

on wednesday the 14th of april at exactly one minute after 11:59pm, the track ‘pioneer’ vanished from the net and, thus, from my last post (“This track is currently not available”). all that is left is an empty player and a little file on my harddrive and hopefully on yours too.

you will not hear this track again. at least not as it has been online for the first 14 days of april. and you won’t hear it on my upcoming release which is on its way to the digital distributor right now. i’m so looking forward seeing it on all the different plattforms, yeehaw!

however, the disappearance of ‘pioneer’ marked the introduction of a new website-design. i went for this even more minimal theme than the old one. i hope you like it and enjoy checking out the new pages …

during the next weeks i’ll be busy preparing a live-set for the shows i’ll be doing throughout june with my dear friend mredit (see the calender for confirmed dates + i’ll be posting more as they come in).

that’s that so far. hope to see you guys in june or earlier (in leipzig…).

take care,


Posted: April 26th, 2010
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getting things done and wrapped up

it has been less than two weeks since the last post, yet i already have some news to share again.
as mentioned in the last post, i’m done with mixing and mastering. in fact, the cd is beeing pressed as we speak. so in a few days i’ll have the first professionaly manufactured udosson-album in my hands. totally cool and exciting!
for the last one and a half weeks i was busy doing the artwork and refining the packaging-ideas for the album. as my label Petite:Unique Records is a fan of unique solutions when it comes to merchandise and packaging, we will do 2 different packagings for the album, one handmade super-limited box and one minimalist version. so, there is twice as much to think about. the artwork phase has reached the final stage now, tho, and most of it is ready to be printed.
as a few of you might like pictures here is a sneak peak at the cover:

 Image Hosting

so that’s that for now. i’ll certainly drop a line or two in here again once the records arrive. stay tuned and see you …
by the way, i’m looking for gigs. so if you have any suggestions leave a comment.

p.s.: you might have realised the change of terms used in this post. the bespoke “ep” has been growing and growing to a length of almost 60 minutes during the process. therefore, the “ep” is henceforth known as the “album” around here.

Posted: March 6th, 2010
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